5 Ways to Reduce Your Exposure to EMF

As you look around you right now, chances are there are several devices that are emitting harmful EMF radiations. Chances are, if you also know just how dangerous EMFs are, then you may also be feeling helpless because you don’t see any way to get rid of these devices and replace them with something safer. Fortunately, there are more than a few options you can take advantage of, and perhaps even save money in the long run.

Exchange Wireless Devices for Wired

Even though there are many things you can do with a tablet, chances are you also need a laptop or a desktop computer to carry out other tasks. Unfortunately, wireless keyboards, mice, printers, and other devices can wreak havoc on your health. Instead of using these devices, it is better to go back to devices that connect directly to your computer via USB, Serial, or some other cable type. Here are some other things you will need to do in order to tame peripherals that have any kind of wireless or WIFI capability:

  • make sure that the WIFI antennas or IR ports are not getting power. Most devices have a blue light or some other colour LED that will let you know if the device is capable of sending and receiving wireless data. Printers, and many other devices have a hardware based console that you can use to turn off power to the WIFI. You may have to go through several menus before you find it. Once you successfully turn off the WIFI antenna, the blue light should go off.
  • Other devices can be controlled through your computer. You will have to look for the software device drivers, and then see if there is something in one of the menus that can help you.
  • If you find out that it is impossible to turn off the WIFI antenna on a peripheral device, it will be to your advantage to keep the device off until you actually need to use it. Aside from limiting your exposure to EMF, this will also reduce your electricity usage. Remember, even though a device may not be in use, it is still using power to keep it’s lights on, scan for wireless connections, or carry out other tasks. One of the easiest ways to keep non-essential devices off is to put them all on a power strip, and then just turn the strip on when any particular device is needed. Since these strips come with as few as 2 outlets to as many as 6, you can customize them in just about any way you need.

Avoid or Eliminate WIFI

If you have high speed internet access, chances are you also have a WIFI or wireless router to deliver the signal from the cable box to your computer. While WIFI may seem trendy and more convenient, it is bad for your health and may even compromise your privacy. On the other hand, when you connect an ethernet cable to your computer and connect directly to the cable router, you will eliminate the need for a WIFI signal in your home.

Once you connect your computer directly to the router, you will still have to turn off the WIFI antenna on your computer or laptop, and also turn it off on the router itself. Typically, you will have to log into your client account with your ISP, and turn off the WIFI from there. It is important to note that some routers supplied by your ISP have a private WIFI antenna with encryption for use in your home, and then a public access “hotspot” that broadcasts from your router. Anyone in the area that has a suitable WIFI device can actually gain access to the internet through this antenna.

Depending on the control panel for your client account, the software may not always turn the WIFI off, or it may default and turn it back on as soon as you log out again. If at all possible, you will be well served by purchasing your own cable router, and making sure that you can manually shut off the WIFI using buttons on the router itself.

Since routers can be quite expensive, your cheapest option may be to simply turn the router off whenever you aren’t using the computer. As with other peripheral devices that can be shut down using a single power strip, you can do the same with the WIFI. Unless you are using the WIFI for smart phone access to the internet, or have a need of it for multiple devices, you will truly be well served by shutting it off as much as possible.

Keep Your Cell Phone Off as Much as Possible

No matter whether you have children, other family members, friends, or co-workers that need to contact you, chances are they rely on being able to text you or call you. Unfortunately, each time you put a cell phone to your head, or carry it near any part of your body, the radiation from it may be doing very serious harm to your body. Ideally, you should be able to keep your phone off and not wear it anywhere near your body for most of the day.

Here are some other things that will make it easier to set the cell phone aside and keep it off as much as possible:

  • If you use a desktop computer or laptop that has been WIFI tamed, you can use software that enables you to use the computer just like a phone. For example, Skype has a service plan that allows you to call other phones, as well as allow others to call you even if they aren’t on Skype. There are also several other VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) providers that can give you the freedom of a phone without having to use your cellular service.
  • Even though your cell phone or tablet may be turned off, there are many apps that will notify you by email when you have a call. Simply install one of these services, and make sure that people who need to contact you have the information required to reach you.
  • Speaking of email, you don’t have to turn your phone on just to receive a text or send one. If you know the name of the cellular provider for the person trying to reach you, it is possible to send them a “text” right from your email. While it may take some research and practice to use this method, it will allow you to communicate almost exclusively through your “hard wired” computer and not have to use the cell phone.

Remove as Many Electronic Devices as Possible from Your Bedroom

Overall, EMF radiation is the most dangerous when the broadcasting locus is within 1 -2 meters of your body. On the other side of the equation, when you are sleeping, you should have 6 – 8 hours when there is no need for a phone to be on, or any other electronic device. Eliminating electronic devices from your bedroom will reduce the EMF burden on your body at a time when it is also focusing on repairing damage and restoring itself from carrying out daily activities. Here are some easy ways to make your bedroom as free of EMF as possible:

  • Get rid of the clock radio, or any other clock that has an LED screen or requires electricity. There are still simple, wind up alarm clocks available that will make plenty of noise and wake you up in the morning.
  • You can still keep your cell phone in the room with you, just remember to close it with the power button so that it isn’t leaking radiation while you are asleep.
  • TVs and other electronic devices are an unnecessary distraction in a place that is supposed to be relaxing and conducive to sleep. If you need a hobby to relax before going to bed, try meditation by candle light or play a musical instrument.

Educate Friends, Neighbours, Family and Co-Workers

Consider a situation where you turned off every source of EMF in your home, and are now using a meter to find out how much background radiation is still in your home. Chances are, you will be surprised to find out that there is still a significant amount of EMF from man-made items getting into your home. If you dig a bit deeper, you will soon find out that EMF smog from your neighbours, passing cars, and even power lines outside your home is spilling into your home at an enormous rate.

The best way to solve this problem is to talk to your friends, neighbours, and family about the dangers of EMF radiation. If you have an opportunity to give gifts, choose ones that will help them gain their independence from these devices. Always remember that when you can stop someone from buying into EMF related industries, they will not be able to continue producing their products. Educating people and helping them end their reliance on EMF based products is a viable way to eliminate this threat to your health and wellness.

If you look carefully at all the devices around you that emit EMF, you will see that they may not be as convenient as you thought they were. There are things you can substitute for these devices and have peace of mind knowing you are doing something to preserve your health. In addition, if you can get neighbours, friends, and family members to stop using these devices, you will be doing something for your community as well.


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