eVibe - Full Body Radiation Protection Device


Get 24/7 EMF Radiation Protection with eVibe, your radiation shielding device. Some of eVibe's highlights are EMF radiation protection, mobile phone radiation protection, laptop and desktop electromagnetic radiation protection and many more.

You can wear eVibe as a pendant, in your pocket or in your bag. With 3 meters protection range, your whole body is protected from harmful electromagnetic field radiations 24/7.

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eVibe is a beautifully, simple yet advanced device, designed to be worn, ideally, as a necklace and shaped to fit any handbag, satchel, briefcase, or even the smallest pocket. eVibe is an innovative, re-engineering of one of the Universe’s most perfect creations: the pulse of Planet Earth.

eVIBE is engineered based on two principles that aim to increase the immunity of living organisms to harmful radiations in the environment: the resonant frequency and the radiating structure.

EMF Radiation Facts

As outlined by many scientific researches, continuous exposure to the compounding set of EMF radiation that surrounds us, may seriously affect our health and everyday living. Sources of such electromagnetic field radiation include:

  • Cell & smart phones;
  • Computers, laptops & tablets;
  • Microwave Oven (as a microwave ages, the door seals get weaker & the danger gets stronger);
  • Television & other household appliance;
  • Travel – Cars, motorcycles, trains and planes;
  • Wi-Fi Routers, bluetooth & wireless systems;
  • Power lines, Cell Towers & Antennas;

In his book “Electrical Notes”, Arthur Schuster reminds us that according to research and publications put out by the World Health Organization (WHO), EMF can cause: headaches, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, prickling and burning skin, rashes and muscle pain.

However, the long term health problems may arise due to EMF effects on human body: risk of damaging DNA, risk of cancer, risk of leukaemia, risk of neurodegenerative diseases and risk of miscarriage.

With increasing frequency, world experts highlight the connection between electromagnetic fields and human disease. In Ireland alone, according to the Department of the Environment and the Irish Cancer Society, radiation is 1,000 times higher than recommendation.

The increase in our dependence on electricity parallels a rapid rise in the incidence of young childhood leukaemia. Dr. Oberfeld cited a study by Stelairova and Fourcher in 2004 that uncovered an annual increase in childhood leukaemia on average of 1.4 percent a year from 1970 ‒ 1999. “This is not an incidence that is going down. It is an incidence that is steadily increasing.”

“When it comes to age groups,” said Dr. Oberfeld, “the younger you are the more areas of the brain will be affected.” All ages grouped together show an increase in brain tumours but for people who started to use cell phones before the age of 20, the rate of tumours is nearly three times greater than rate of all groups, indicating, according to Oberfeld, “There’s a distinct increase with respect to age.”


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